Thursday, July 9, 2009

Girlfriend Drama for your Mama

The Gay and Narrow writes:

I'm a gay guy and have been all my life. I'm so gay that I have a pink sparkle cell phone named Cher. But lately I've been having "bed time" thoughts about... dare I say it...girls. YIKES!! What's wrong with me? Does this mean I'm turning straight? Do I need to come out of the closet with my straight thoughts? Am I going to hell for thinking these things?

My Response:

I'd say that most people go through an "experimental phase" and it's possible that you're just a late bloomer. I wouldn't worry about it too much. But if you're still uncomfortable with these unnatural thoughts then try to boost your confidence with activities and hobbies that you've always felt comfortable with and enjoy; take Cher out on a playdate with her sparkly girlfriends, have spontaneous dance parties in the living room with the cat, grab your best girlfriends and head to WeHo for the day.

I'm sure in time that you'll feel right as rain and this whole "straight" business will be something you'll get a good laugh over for years to come!


  1. this needed a here it is. i read it...

  2. EWWW straight people are scary! Keep them away from our children!