Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Book of One Year Does Not a Life Make

Anonymous Q writes:

I'm concerned about my friend. She loves yearbooks, and I mean loves yearbooks. She can't seem to get enough of them, even for her alma mater for students she doesn't even know. Isn't there a statute of limitations on yearbook excitement? Or do I have to resign myself to the fact that my friend is a school-spirit-aholic?

My Response:

Let me tell you, school spirit is NOT the issue here. This friend of yours needs a wake up call that will usher her into 2009. Typically, after we graduate, we go one to have many new life experiences and, consequently, grow up. Every now and then, though, some of us are left a little stuck in the past and find the need to desperately grab hold of our former glories (not realizing, however, that there may be more glory to come).

Help your friend realize that her best years have not yet passed her by and that she's fretting them away vicariously through bad hair and acne laden pages. Suggest something else that will help her boldly look to the future; a new hairstyle or possibly a cat.

As for those old yearbooks, send them my way. I know someone that has a blank, bedroom wall to decorate.


  1. This sounds like good advice...I was paying for bad advice. Please advise.

  2. I have not yet received payment. You get nothing.