Friday, June 19, 2009

Sugar and Spice and Everything...

Dream Roll Craver writes:

I have recently discovered sushi and have fallen in love with the oceanic cuisine. However, I feel the sushi palate is wanting when it comes to sweet tasting delights. Got any suggestions?

My response:

Awww...I understand the age old dilemma of complementing your favorite foods while satisfying your sweet-tooth.

I must admit the beautiful thing about asian cuisine is that you can always expect the unexpected. Unlike traditional American cuisine, which is so binding and limited, Japanese fare allows you to unleash your test buds to its most fecund point and then begs you to proceed even further...

It seems that what you truly wish to indulge is your umami sense; a taste of savory. What you really need to do is make your own sushi and add to it anything you feel is delightful. A lot of people like tuna, but a lot of people also like mentos (yes, the freshmaker). Try rolling some tuna in seaweed and adding a mentos mint to the top. Or how about macaroni and cheese rolled in salami? The sky's the limit and you're clear for take off!

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