Friday, May 22, 2009

Flip Flop Fetish Feels Funny!

Lara writes:

My flip flop fell apart and I put some glue on it and it leaked out onto my toe. Now they keep sticking together when I move my foot. What do I do?

My response:

Aside from the fact that you're clearly too cheap to shell out 99 cents for a new pair, I would recommend some peanut butter.

One time I put some Big league chewing gum in a little girl's hair when her mother wasn't looking and then I took the opportunity to chastise the greedy child for being so careless as to get gum in her hair. When her mother finally took notice I was quick to point out that peanut butter usually removes sticky objects. While I'll never know if the peanut butter actually worked in removing the spitty debris, I'll never forget the feeling of satisfaction I felt watching that mother drag her screaming offspring by her hair to who cares where!

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