Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If the Prada fits...

Brand Whore writes:

I just bought some Under Armour athletic shoes that look great. Unfortunately, Under Armour's shorts don't fit me well, but I should be the face of Nike because I look great in theirs. Is it okay to brand mix when the logos are blatantly displayed on both items? Help!

My Response:

I believe your problem is deeper than which brand to represent. As a self aware "brand whore" you are limiting yourself apparel-wise but more importantly wearing your life story on the outside. Being a brand whore gives everything away about you; you aspire to greatness but you will have to settle for the talents of a gay stripper.

I say you bring this question to the street and start asking well-dressed strangers for their opinion. I have faith in the public (but only the good-looking, rich and affluent public). You will soon find that no one's really paying that much attention.

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