Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mean Girl

Fetchmeister writes:

I'm super fetch, but not all my friends are as fetch as I am. Should I find new friends or just relish in the fact that I am the fetchest of them all? By the way, you're super fetch.

My Response:

First off, I'm amazed that you believe you even have friends (I bet you think Carly Simon wrote a song about you). With that in mind; sure, find new friends. Maybe you're "new" friends will be able to fill your head with a little perspective.

Secondly, once you find new friends, tell your old friends exactly how you feel about them so that they understand why you're abandoning them. Maybe this will awaken them to the fact that they are subpar and unworthy of your friendship.

By letting many of my friends know what a favor I was doing them by merely being seen in public with them, they too were able to step up to the challenge and dare I say that some of them have even attained a small bit of awesomeness; almost to the point where I may considering "commenting" them.

Trust me, you'll be doing everyone involved a favor.

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