Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You're no Van Gogh

Q writes:

I've recently moved and have one wall in my room that remains completely empty. I'm so non-committal and don't want to pound in any nails to hang anything. What if I need to rearrange? What should I put on it? If I don't like it, then I'll have little holes everywhere...and if there is one thing that scares me more at night that leaving my closet door open, its a porous blank white wall. What should I do?

My Response:

First of all, get yourself to Madison's for Monday Night Football and you'll see what TRUE non-commital is. Trust me, you'll feel better. Once you realize how un-non-commital you are, you'll be free to go wild. Start off by letting your inner-soul decorate for you by painting a collage while blindfolded. Make a scene that makes you happy; the beach on a foggy day, a wooded path near a babbling brook, the mosh pit at a Slayer concert. Wherever it may be, DRAW IT, and fill the whole wall. "But I'm no artist" you say? It doesn't matter, your inner-soul has never let you down (except for that one time you thought it would be a good idea to call your ex-boyfriend after a bad date)!

Next, get some outside perspective by having close friends create some art work to hang on the wall. Don't worry about holes in the wall, your Inner-Soul Collage will hide any holes that you may accrue from your new paintings.

By the time you're finished with your wall, you'll stand back and feel so overwhelmed by sentimental worth that you won't even notice that you've destroyed your room. But hey, you spend most of your time in the living room anyhow. Enjoy.

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